Managing Tenancies—ending tenancies fairly

8 months ago

Recommended option: Require property owners to only end tenancies for approved reasons and introduce additional approved reasons to end a tenancy

The ability for property owners to end a tenancy without grounds would be removed. No further change is proposed to existing approved reasons to end a tenancy.

Additional approved reasons to end a tenancy would be introduced, including:

For property owners

  • The owner or their immediate family needs to move into the rental property
  • Significant renovations or repairs to the property are to be undertaken
  • The rental property has been sold and vacant possession is required
  • There has been a serious or significant breach of the tenancy agreement due to the actions of a tenant, occupant or guest
  • A person is occupying the rental property without consent (such as a squatter)

For tenants

  • Rental property is not in good repair, is unfit for human habitation, or does not comply with minimum housing standards
  • Property owner has not complied with a QCAT Repair Order to undertake or maintenance of the rental property within the specified time
  • The property owner provided false or misleading information about the tenancy agreement or rental property
  • A person is escaping domestic and family violence
  • A co-tenant is deceased

For the Queensland Government

  • The rental property is required for a public or statutory purpose
  • The Department of Housing and Public Works requires the rental property to manage public housing as a scarce resource

Protections against retaliatory actions would be enhanced.

Property owners could use an expanded set of additional approved reasons to end a tenancy agreement with grounds if their circumstances change to ensure they are not unfairly locked into a tenancy agreement.

Consultation has concluded