Minor modifications

8 months ago

Recommended option: Establish mechanisms to manage minor changes to rental properties with appropriate safeguards

Minor modifications would be defined as changes that can be reversed, do not permanently alter the rental property and do not require building or other approvals.

Two categories of minor changes would be established with streamlined approval mechanisms.

  1. Health and safety, security and accessibility changes could be made without the owner’s consent.
    1. Tenants must inform the owner of changes before or as soon as practicable after they are made.
    2. Property owners will be required to obtain an order from QCAT to refuse permission for changes required by the tenant for accessibility, safety or security of the property.
    3. Examples of minor changes in this category include furniture anchors, grab rails, dead locks or telephone and data connections.
  2. Personalisation, energy efficiency and communication service connection changes require owner permission.
    1. Permission would be deemed granted if the owner does not respond to a request to make these changes within seven days.
    2. Property owners will be required to provide reasonable grounds to refuse permission, such as it would significantly change the property or is not consistent with the nature of the property, change to other residential properties or common areas would be needed, or could cause significant damage to the property.
    3. Examples include hanging pictures, installing water efficient taps or cable television connections.

Tenants must comply with any rules or by-laws that apply in managed communities, such as community title schemes or park rules.

Property owners will be safeguarded by requiring:

  • tenants to ensure the works are carried out by a qualified tradesperson when required.
  • tenants to repair any damage caused by installing, making or removing minor changes.
  • agreement to be reached with the tenant about whether minor changes made to the rental property will be retained as an improvement or the rental property must be returned to substantially the same condition, less fair wear and tear.

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